Interactive games to enhance students learning for grades k-5

Debbie Bishop

3rd grade teacher
Educators can use the app to* Take notes during lesson.
  • Record themselves reading aloud, then play back to improve fluency.
  • Take pictures and write story about picture .
April Riley, AISD Instructional Tech Specialist
"The easiest way to make and share great looking guides!"
  • Create and share anything instructional.
  • Can be used for 'flip teaching' or for students to use to 'teach' others and show mastery of what they've learnned.
Andrea Ferreira
4th Grade Teacher
Students can use the app to* take pictures.
  • import pictures from maps or the web.
  • add text on top of their pictures to label parts or demonstrate knowledge.
  • save the "skitch" to class Evernotes account for grading.
April Riley, ÅISD
Instructional Tech Specialist
Turns your iPad into an interactive whiteboard that you can record!
  • Create video tutorials (great for uploading to your classroom website).
  • Create animated lessons.
  • Have students create lessons and 'teach' each other.
Andrea Ferreira
4th Grade Teacher
ChatterPix Kids
ChatterPix can make anything talk! Take a picture, draw a line to make a mouth, and record your voice. It's really that simple!
  • Students and teachers can create quick messages (30 sec.) to show what they know about any topic!
  • Students could use a pic that is related to a specific topic or book and then give a brief synopsis, evaluation, or tutorial.
  • Teachers can create a ChatterPix to introduce a new concept.
  • Use ChatterPix (regular app) if you want to be able to share your ChatterPix via email, Facebook, or YouTube.
  • ChatterPix Kids is designed with NO sharing features.
April Riley, AISD Instructional Tech Specialist
Tellagami app lets you create and share a quick animated message called a "Gami."
  • Teachers and students can create a quick avatar-like video to demonstrate their understanding of any concept.
  • Teachers and students can create a look-alike avatar to introduce themselves to the class at the beginning of the year.
  • Students can create a video to teach others about a topic or give a report about a book.
April Riley, AISD Instructional Tech Specialist
ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard
ShowMe turns your iPad into an "interactive whiteboard."
  • Teachers can create tutorials to post on their webpage for students to review a concept. - Excellent tool for the Flipped or Blended classroom!
  • Teachers and students can create recordings to introduce or review a concept.
  • Students can create recordings to demonstrate their learning on any topic.
April Riley, AISD Instructional Tech Specialist
Teacher App
Student App
  • Use Socrative to create quick review games, quizzes, and assessments.
  • Visit the Socrative Garden Blog for LOTS of great ideas for using this app.
April Riley, AISD Instructional Tech Specialist
Haiku Deck
Teachers and students can quickly create presentations and share with the class.
April Riley, AISD Instructional Tech
Kahn Academy
Educational/instructional videos for all grade levels, across all subject areas. This is an incredible resource for students, especially for difficult math concepts.
Lisa Abbett, AHS
CTE Teacher

Lego Movie Maker.jpg
Lego Movie Maker
Students use Legos to create scenes (historical, book settings, personal events, etc.) and turn them into a movie with the Lego Movie Maker app.
April Riley, AISD Instructional Tech
Students play video games that are based on content that the teacher has put in to create the game. Students must answer the questions that the teacher has put into place to move forward in the game.
Becky Kirtland, AHS, Spanish teacher


A new way to see and interact with the world
Aurasma is an augmented reality app that’s changing the way millions of people see and interact with the world.

  • students can link a class report to an online video
  • librarians can link a screen shot of a book cover to an online book review or create a book review
  • our new yearbook company (at the elementary level) has enabled the yearbook covers to be Aurasma capable to connect to whatever online content we would like (Bearcat Vision).

Ron Shelton, principal - Stuard Elementary

external image flashcards.jpg
Flashcards App
Create and save flash cards for any subject area. Students can create their own and share, or teachers can make a class set. Students can study anywhere they can take their device!
Julie Reynolds, AHS and Daniel 9th, Computer Science Teacher

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FREE or $14.99 for full version
Confer is a note/documentation app that is great for small groups/student-teacher conferences.

Quickly take notes on your students’ strengths, teaching points and next steps.View students with the same note text to identify common needs. Order students by date, to see who you still need to meet with. Sort them by level or by the small groups you’ve created. All with the touch of a button
Select a small group of students and save one note to each of them with a single tap.
Upload your data as a Google Spread- sheet and create printable word document reports. Merge your data with co-teachers via email. Create teaching points on your computer and then import them onto your device and send them to colleagues.
Taylor Aldridge - 3rd Grade - Vandagriff

Brain Pop Jr.
Lots of short educational clips for all subject areas. It includes vocabulary, activities, and quizzes.
Margie Crutchfield

Wolfram Alpha
Great resource for instant expert knowledge and computation in all content areas. Parts of Wolfram Alpha are used in the Apple Siri Assistant. Great app for solving problems and it doesn't just give the answers, it gives step by step solutions on how to work a problem out.
Carolyn Ansley - AHS Assistant Principal

Too Noisy Level Lite
A Noise Level Meter built to help control the noise level of groups of children. As the noise level in a classroom increases beyond an acceptable level the noise level meter dynamically indicates the level of noise, and the background graphics within the app change to reflect the noise levels.
Martha Bryant

GPS for the Soul
GPS for the Soul is based on two truths: that we all have within us a centered place of harmony and balance, and that we all veer away from that place again and again.GPS for the Soul measures your heart rate.
Debbie Thornton
Vandagriff Counselor

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRay7UdkYshHbZAOohBfI-khegyE8GDZtrZw6XDdILiKfq6JbACWAvdt2lH

Pinterest is a tool to help you discover and plan things you want to do. When you find something that looks interesting, just Pin it! Pins are visual bookmarks that you organize and share the way you want.

David Durnil
Daniel Ninth Grade
Assistant Principal