Ideas for Use

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Classroom management tool. Also check out the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, smartphone, and tablet Class Dojo apps!
  • Captures and generates data on student behavior
  • Option to share reports with parents
  • Reinforce good behavior
  • Save time by recording behaviors and accomplishments right in class, with just one click. There is NO extra data entry required.
Andrea Ferreira
4th Grade Teacher
Create a 'room' to make comments, ask questions, and collect feedback.
  • Great for room moms! Create a room to plan class parties.
  • Record discussion/reading response on novels, or content in any subject area. (Can be anonymous.)
  • Your entire list of comments can be printed (and graded if you so choose!)
  • Save your 'room' for any length of time before it is deleted- anywhere from a couple of hours to a year.
Andrea Ferreira
4th Grade Teacher
Allows you to collaborate in an online environment.
  • Students can brainstorm or create group projects
  • Other Web 2.0 tools can be embedded (voki, xtranormal, etc)
  • You can allow guests to edit wiki pages or limit it to members only
Emily Felker
McCall Librarian

(Google Drive)
Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) allows you to create digital documents including forms/surveys that can be sent digitally to students and parents and then organized into an easy to read spreadsheet.
  • collect and organize parent contact info
  • collaboration among students or teachers
  • You must have a gmail account
Emily Felker
McCall Librarian
Online student response system. Can be used with any smartphone, tablet, or laptop with internet connection.
  • create online quizzes that students can take either at their own pace or as a whole class.
  • instant feedback
  • results can be saved in a spreadsheet and can be graded
  • take polls, ask impromptu questions, gather data (and view results in a bar graph)
  • Highly engaging!
Andrea Ferreira4th Grade Teacher
A safe way for teachers to text parents and students safely.
  • send reminders to your classes (or groups) and parents
  • use the app or website to text parents/students
  • your phone number is NOT shared with anyone
Andrea Ferreira
4th Grade Teacher
Tools and games for use in your classroom. Enter your students' names to use the following tools:
  • Random name generator
  • Random grouping tool
  • Seating chart
Andrea Ferreira
4th Grade Teacher
Create Interactive Timelines
  • You can add a large amount of data to each year
  • You can add pictures
Alexis Crownover
Family & Consumer Science Teacher