Great Websites for the Pre-K and Kindergarten Classrooms



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Symbaloo Counting & Patterns
Visual links to lots of great math games
April Riley
Emmy Walters Kindergarten Lessons
Kindergarten Lessons for SMARTboard/Notebook software
April Riley
A Place Called Kindergarten Blog (SMARTboard page)
blog by a kindergarten teacher; this links to her kindergarten resources for the SMARTboard
April Riley
Mrs. Hurley's ESL SMARTboard Favorites
SMARTboard Favorites for Kinder, primary, ESL, and everyone
April Riley
Utah Educator Network
Great site for K-2 interactive games and activities
April Riley
Mr. Young's Bouncy A - SMARTboard
SMARTboard games by subject
Ashley Dougherty
PBS Kids Interactive Games
Fun Interactive Games using PBS kids characters
Ashley Dougherty
Virtual Manipulatives
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Patti Bowles
Sheppards Software
Patti Bowles
itranslate app
app for iphone or ipad for translation
Cathy Remigio
Reading games
Joy Powell